CEBTS - Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools

CEBTS - Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools

Introduction – Who we are

Welcome to the CEBTS web site. We are a group of over 25 theological schools related to the Baptist Unions in membership of the European Baptist Federation, which brings together over fifty Baptist Unions and Conventions throughout Europe and the Middle East in partnership in the work of the Christian Gospel from a base of a common ecclesiological and missionary background.

One institution, the International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) is owned by all the member Unions jointly through the EBF.

Any theological seminary owned by an EBF member Union or by the EBF itself, or any theological seminary which officially cooperates with an EBF member Union may apply to join the Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools (CEBTS).

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How we act together

The Seminaries have covenanted together as institutions committed to theological learning and mission within the Baptist tradition to

  • Be bound to each other in mutual fellowship and support
  • To consult with and work with one another for the sake of the mission and glory of God
  • To develop good practice in theological education
  • To support one another in the delivery of academically recognised theological education for the whole people of God and relevant to Baptist communities
  • To work together in supporting the mission of our Baptist Unions within the European Baptist Federation family.


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