CEBTS - Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools

How we are organised

  • The members of the Consortium (CEBTS) consult together at least every other year by means of a CEBTS Forum which will consist of one voting delegate from each member institution, together with such other speaking, but not voting, representatives who care to attend.
  • The CEBTS Forum will seek to:

    • promote the exchange of teachers between CEBTS members for short-term visiting lecture series as further outlined below
    • promote specialist work on curricula development
    • share information on entry requirements
    • facilitate the transfer of students from one CEBTS member to another, where appropriate
    • develop ways of exchanging information about books, software and other resources suitable and recommended for theological education
    • promote the networking and meeting of lecturers within specific subject areas to discuss contemporary developments within their fields of expertise
    • share information on the courses available at Consortium seminaries
    • develop common ways of promoting the resources available (eg through linked web sites etc)
    • maintain contact and supply appropriate information on the work of the Consortium to the EBF, particularly the Theology and Education Division.
    • develop structures to meet common needs arising within CEBTS
  • The CEBTS Forum in its formal meeting elects from amongst the Forum members a Moderator, a Deputy Moderator, a Clerk and up to three others to serve as an action group.
  • Members of the action group will serve for two meetings of the Forum and will be eligible for re-election.
  • The CEBTS Moderator will preside at meetings of the Forum.
  • The CEBTS Clerk will advise CEBTS members of the dates of the Forum meeting, keep a record of those attending and decisions taken and circulate this as an agreed report of the Forum to all CEBTS members.
  • The CEBTS Forum may call, or encourage such other meetings as may be relevant or appropriate
  • The CEBTS Forum will seek to work by consensus, but if a formal vote is required each member body will have one vote.
  • Votes in the CEBTS Forum not achieving a clear majority of 60% of those present and voting will not be deemed to have been carried.
  • CEBTS members will be free to work on multilateral co-operation with other CEBTS members in specialist areas, but it is expected that all CEBTS members will be advised of such developments within the spirit of the overall covenant.

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