CEBTS - Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools

Creating gateways for theological information on the Internet

David Gysel
Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique,
Vaux-sur-Seine, France

Fundamental questions

  • needs in your language
  • needs of your students (distance learning, etc.)
  • individual gateway of the librarian or institutional gateway of the school (with authorization of each link? several librarians together?)? (teachers would often like to control what is done in the name of the school in their field).
  • theological question: Gateway to inform in a general way on theology (all theological directions), or in a confessional way? (evangelical in general?, Baptist?, Calvinist?, etc.)
  • linguistic competence of the librarian (English, German, French, etc.)? (will influence the choice of the links, but already the choice of the program [what technical documentation about the program is available in which language?]
  • technical competences of the librarian?
  • theological competence of the librarian? (for ex. what will be his own contribution by commentaries?)
  • budget? (for domain name?; for hosting?; for computer scientist?)
  • time available (for technical questions?; for the contents of the gateway?)
  • technical choice:
    • integrated in the home page of the school or separated?
    • what kind of pages needed (only for links?; own texts?; html?; pdf?; other technical modules for ex. for questionaries?)
    • how much space for hosting needed?
  • dependence of computer scientist? for structure of gateway? for contents?
  • different languages to write (will influence the choice of the program)?
    • only portal or also virtual library in its own?
  • links only to online resources (as my own gateway) or also bibliographical list with links to booksellers (as )? It takes much more time if you integrate list with links to booksellers, and you have to be much more informed.

Conference for theological librarians 2007


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