CEBTS - Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools

Library, bookshop and publishing house

David Gysel
Faculté Libre de Théologie Evangélique
Vaux-sur-Seine, France

Qualities in synergy:

  • passion for books
  • theological knowledge, not specialized but "all rounder"
  • knowing needs for important themes
  • knowing needs for homework of students
  • love for details in texts (catalogue/correcting/layout)
  • knowing several languages is a great advantage for all, library, bookshop and publishing
  • responding needs by selling and lending enlarges the possibility of action
  • best informed about promotional offers and books new in print
  • best informed how to find sources
  • creates constructive contacts with different publishers
  • correcting editions enriches theological knowledge of the librarian
  • both charges can be done in one office (teachers as librarians are often out of the library)

These qualities encourage to open a large space of books at a school, to see the three together, to specialise around books.

Conference for theological librarians 2007


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