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Outline policy on Sabbatical study leave and continuing professional developments


It is the belief of the Consortium that theological education and the preparation and formation of pastors and ministers requires preparation within seminaries by lecturers who are, themselves, committed to lifelong learning and discipleship. To continue to offer the highest standards in theological development and ministerial formation we believe seminaries must have programmes of continuing professional development and sabbatical studies for those called to serve as lecturers within our seminaries.

Outline policy

  1. The institution encourages all full time (or significant part-time) academic and senior administrative staff (including librarians) to engage in research, training and continuing professional development that is relevant to their work and that of the seminary.
  2. those referred to in this policy are eligible to

    1. 12-14 weeks (a Trimester/Semester) for every five years of service
    2. one day a week free of all teaching and administrative responsibilities
    3. or one-third of academic time for research and writings.
  3. the timing must be agreed by the head of the institution
  4. a proposal for the use of the sabbatical time should be discussed in advance and become part of a continuing review process.
  5. consideration should be given to assisting in travel and research expenses.

June 2003

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